Chocolate: Good or Bad?

There is chocolate all around the world. Whether near or far, it is still there. But, do you all know if chocolate is good or bad? Let’s find out.

Firstly, chocolate is good because it helps to lower blood pressure. Flavanols found in cocoa beans aid production of nitric-oxide, which stimulates blood vessels.

Secondly, some people say that chocolate is bad for you and for your health. This is because chocolate is not a food, it is a TOXIN!

On the other hand, chocolate has milk in it, otherwise known as calcium, which is good for your teeth and also your bones.

Although, some people believe that chocolate leads to lower bone density (breakages).

In conclusion, I believe that chocolate is good and I am for chocolate, because it has been proven to be good for my bones and teeth.

By Summer.


Chocolate: Good or Bad?

It is claimed that chocolate could be good and bad!

It seems to be, that chocolate could be good for you due to recent scientific research. The scientists say it can make you less likely to get cancer because of an increase in anti-oxidents.

On the other hand, chocolate also can be bad for you. For instance, the calories will make you obese and you may have to live with it for the rest of your life.

However, chocolate could make you smarter because it improves the cognitive functions, as proved by scientists. Also, the smell of chocolate can keep you relaxed and it releases stress.

Alternatively, chocolate can make you suffer from tooth decay because of all the sugar in it. It also has loads of caffeine in it which increases the chance of getting kidney stones. Also, it is extremely addictive if you buy too much and eat it.

Altogether, my opinion is that chocolate is good and bad for you. So, my opinion is balanced. For instance, it can make you unhealthy and it could make you smarter.

By Sam.

Chocolate: Good or Bad?

Many people can go to any supermarket these days, where you can find at least 20 different types of chocolate bars. However, there is one question that is on everybody’s mind –  chocolate: good or bad?

Firstly, chocolate is one of those sweet treats which pleases everyone’s taste buds, but it’s not just the taste. Chocolate is good for your bones because it contains milk, also known calcium, to make your bones stronger. Calcium is also good for your teeth.

That may be, but it is full of sugar and other sweeteners and preservatives which rot your teeth. In fact, chocolate and sugar is one of the many reasons people get tooth decay and lots of dental work done.

But, chocolate can help lower your blood pressure because the flavanols found in cocoa beans aid production of nitric oxide, which stimulates blood vessels to dialate.

On the other hand, did you know that chocolate is made using 8 different parts of bugs, including the back of a beetle (yuck!) Who would want to eat that? That’s how they get the brown colour.

In conclusion, I am for chocolate because it might contain bugs, but it gives my taste buds a taste sensation, a party in fact! I find chocolate extremely scrumptious.

By India.



For many years, the people of England and many other countries have craved chocolate. It is an amazing treat and really calms the brain, but there’s always that same question – chocolate: should I or not?

Firstly, chocolate contains stearic acid that makes you 37% less likely to suffer a heart attack. This is very useful for someone who has heart problems.

On the other hand, chocolate contains 500 calories on average. Someone who consumes chocolate regularly could be at risk of becoming over-weight.

Nevertheless, Spanish scientists have discovered that eating chocolate makes you 12% less likely to become affected by cancer . This was tested on rodents.

However, chocolate contains fat and sugar which can put the consumer at risk of developing obesity.

Yet, chocolate contains a large amount of calcium. This is very healthy for the bones.

Alas, it is created by using 8 different parts of an insect. So, this can really put a lot of people off of chocolate.

But, my personal opinion is that chocolate should be allowed and you are responsible for the amount you eat of it. Chocolate is good for you, with the suggestion that people will be 37% less likely to be affected by cancer and so on. Having chocolate is good, just as long as you are careful how much you consume.

By Kieran W 🙂



Chocolate: Good or Bad?

Many people are going to tell you about chocolate and what are the good things about it and the bad things about it. However, there is still a remaining question: is chocolate ‘good or bad?’

For instance, chocolate is good for you because it can make you smart and it improves cognitive functions. This is supported by Oxford University, who claim that it can boost your brain.

However, chocolate is known to have many calories in a single bar, which means that you might get over weight.

Although, chocolate can help protect your skin from the sun, according to Oxford University. That means you are at a reduced risk of developing skin cancer.

No one can deny that chocolate is bad for you, because it has lots of caffeine in it, which can make you addicted to it.

To conclude, I think chocolate is good for you because it makes you smart and this is supported by Oxford University.

By Joshua.


If today you went to the shop, there would be many chocolate bars on sale, but it is remained that chocolate is unknown what it can do to us.This is why this argument is going to tell you some good things and bad things about chocolate.

Firstly, it is known that chocolate is good for stress because it’s known to trigger the brain waves, which means that people like the chocolate and don’t stress too much.

Nevertheless, others in opposition say chocolate is expensive, such as brands like Cadburys and Nestle etc. So, you’re really wasting your money, but the cheap chocolate isn’t really nice.

On the other hand, it is good for your bones because it has milk and milk has calcium in it. So, you would have big and strong bones.

An additional problem is that chocolate gives you acne, which is otherwise known as spots. Spots are something that are like a bubble, but just really hard. They grow all around your face if you do not treat them.

Many people say chocolate doesn’t make you put weight on because eating this type of food can form part of a balanced diet.

There is no doubt that chocolate is good for you because it’s something you can enjoy. When you’re on a diet, it’s good for your bones and it’s good for stress.Those all in favour say it is good for you!

By Reece.


Chocolate: Good Or Bad?

Most people love chocolate and want to have a bar of it at least every week. However, people still don’t know if chocolate is good or bad for you.

Firstly, chocolate is made with Cocoa Beans which help lower blood pressure. That means your blood will be much healthier and there will be a decreased risk of heart attacks.

On the other hand, chocolate has A LOT of sugar, caffeine, calories and fat in it, so it can harm your arteries (heart). Also, in just a few months, you could get over-weight and in a few years, you could end up having a heart attack!

On the contrary, scientists have figured out that chocolate doesn’t make you get spots. A while ago, some people thought that chocolate gave you spots, but now everyone knows that it doesn’t.

However, chocolate may taste good, but it doesn’t do your teeth any good. This is because of the sugar. Your teeth will decay in 2 years and you will have brown or black teeth!

Even though it will decay your teeth, chocolate has calcium in it, which helps your bones, so you will end up very strong!

Furthermore, chocolate will cost you another £3 each week, so you will end up being at risk of becoming poor.

In conclusion, I think that chocolate is good for you, even though you may get over-weight, tooth decay and you are at risk of harming your heart. However, you won’t get spots, your bones will get stronger and it helps lower blood pressure!

By Emily.

Chocolate: Good or Bad?

If you go to any shop in the world, it is bound to sell chocolate, but many people wonder whether chocolate is good or bad.

Many people say that chocolate is good for you because it is claimed that it makes you smart. This is a fact because the most brainiest scientist from Oxford University claims this from the research that they have carried out.

On the other hand, we can debate that chocolate can make you overweight because chocolate contains loads of fat and sugar in it. If you eat to much fat and sugar, it can be ensured that you’re definitely going to get overweight.

Although, chocolate can help your skin from the sun. When researched, it has been found that it can protect you from getting sunburn and also protects you from getting skin cancer; which you definitely don’t want because it causes lots of pain.

Nevertheless, chocolate can be bad for you because it can cause lower bone density, which basically means you can break your bones easier, but that is only if you eat too much chocolate in a day.

To conclude, I think that chocolate is good for you because I don’t want skin cancer or sunburn because causes you lots of pain. Also, I want to be smart, so I can get a good job and go very far in life.

By Theo.

Chocolate: Good or Bad?

There are so many chocolate bars everywhere for you to splash your cash, you might go into a shop to buy chocolate too, but is chocolate good or bad?

Some people believe that chocolate can make you smart. Everytime you eat delicious chocolate, the chemicals inside it helps to improve your cognitive functions which makes you even smarter.

There is no doubt that chocolate is really bad for your pets and can even kill them. It’s because like us, they are allergic to things. Every pet, no matter what, can’t have chocolate as they are allergic to it.

However, chocolate is good for your bones. It actually makes you stronger because chocolate contains milk and milk is full of lots of calcium, which makes your bones much stronger.

On the other hand, chocolate has very high levels of sugar, so if you get addicted and eat loads, you will become overweight.

In conclusion, I think chocolate is bad for you because of what it does to you and your animals.

By Hermione.

A Chocolate Poem

Chocolate is yummy,

In my tummy,

It’s even better than money.

Nom! Nom! Nom! Nom!

Chocolate is nice,

I could eat it twice,

It fills my life with spice.

Nom! Nom! Nom! Nom!

Chocolate is milky,

Oh so silky,

It’s definitely not filthy.

Nom! Nom! Nom! Nom!

Chocolate is ace,

I could fill my face,

It’s like something from space

Nom! Nom! Nom! Nom!

By Rafe and Luke