DARE Graduation


 On the 3rd June class 6 preformed our DARE Graduation, after a lot of hard practice we all did very well. The songs we did were: shake it off, let it go (just say no), Y.M.C.A (D.A.R.E), and our DARE song Stop Before you Start.

We all got in groups, minimum of four and maximum of six. We all performed our plays at the DARE graduation, each group had a different topic we had bullying. We really enjoyed watching and performing the plays. We had Summer, Emily, India and Isabel in our play group.

We also made up chants. Our chant went like this – Drugs are bad, Drugs make you really really mad, Drugs are gross, don’t take drugs, Drugs make you go very very sad, NEVER TAKE DRUGS.

At the end of the DARE Graduation we got our certificate off our DARE teacher, P.C Warner and we all passed. It was a really great day and I wish we could do it again. We also got DARE t-shirts and got to take them home with us on the day of the DARE Graduation.

The End By Summer and Emily! 


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